Face cosmetology in beauty salon

Principles as to cosmetic services in our salon:
1. There is nothing better than golden hands of cosmetologist.
2. The result of cosmetic effect on 50% depends from the skills and hands of specialist, and on 50% from the quality of cosmetics used in the beauty salon. We select the most efficient and natural cosmetics.
3. According to testimony the type of skin we used hardware cosmetology (US - skraber, etc.) .
4. In the cosmetology cabinet of our salon there are all conditions for complete rest.

 Face cosmetology in beauty salon

Classical face massage Depilation

Косметология тела

Тело становится красивым благодаря снижению массы, уменьшению объема и укреплению кожи и мышц. Для этого мы проводим курс обертываний тела и антицелюлитного массажа.  Обертывания включают нанесение грязей Мертвого моря или Сакского озера. Для антицелюлитного массажа используются средства космецевтики, активно расщепляющие жир и укрепляющие кожу и мышцы. Вот почему в результате похудения тело становится упругим.

Пилинг и альгинатная маска на Позняках


The experts of our cosmetology cabinet possess the following techniques of massage:
- Classical face massage;
- Jacquet massage;
- Lymphatic drainage face massage;
- Plastic face massage.

Face massage

include the complex of purifying and supplying funds, as well as a face mask. Cosmetologist selects the cosmetics and a face massage based on skin type and its problem.

In beauty salon Winter Cherry is used care for the young and aged skin.



Face cleaning

- mechanical, hardware, combination – have always used the therapeutic preparations aimed on a profound decision of the problem.

There are a lot of different cosmetic anti-aging programes - lifting, relaxation, and others offered by our experts, based on the client's skin.


Thank to wax depilation your skin will be silky and smooth. This service consists of preparatory treatment of the skin with the help of skin lotion, applying the heated wax, hair removing with wax, skin treatments with moisturizing lotion – it helps skin renewal and slow hair growth.

Depilation is done on different parts of body:
- depilation on the face;
- depilation on the hands and feet;
- depilation in zone of bikini.

Depilation has be done once a month and don`t recommened to sunbathe to and after depilation.

Same – day service

In beauty salon of business class often served businessmen and businesswomen. They are very busy that`s why they are ready to do all procedures at the same time. So we provide the following services:
- face massage and manicure;
- hand paraffintherapy and face paraffintherapy;
- cosmetologital care + pedicure;
- hair coloring + manicure;
- manicure + pedicure.

This is all possible thanks to special training and special equipment of cabinets



Peeling and alginate mask

Face massage Price
Classical face massage 110
Classical face massage +mask 150
Mask 60
Alginate mask 80
Plastic massage for mature skin + mask 140
Jacquet massage for oily pore skin + mask 140
Lymphatic drainage massage + mask 190


Depilation Price
Hands w./m. 120/140
Armpits w./m 60-70/80-110
Above the elbow w./m. 75/95
Below the elbow w./m. 65/75
Legs w./m. 190/220
Above the knee w./m. 110/140
Above the elbow w./m. 75/95
Below the knee w./m. 100/140
Labrum 45
Bikini partial w./m. 160/330
Bikini deep w./m. 260/380


Piercing Price
Professional body piercing
without the cost of earrings 155
with the cost of earrings 255
Ear piercing
with the cost of earrings (2 earrings ) 1555
with the cost of earrings (1 earrings) 1250
Navel piercing 205+105
Anesthesia 55


Cosmetology of the body Price
Tonify and strengthen the bust (prof. cosmetics «BEAUTY SPA», Italy) 120-170
Anti-cellulite mud body wrap by mud of Saki Lake 350
Anti-cellulite mud wrap with seaweed of Mediterranean sea 350
Aroma-sauna for hand 45
Hand masssage 25


Body massage Price
Classic (back +neck)
30 min. 130
60 min. 250
30 min. 210
60 min. 350
Total (thorax, abdomen, legs, arms) 280
1,5 hours 350
2 hours 450
Honey Anti-cellulite modeling
40 min./60 min. 110/165
Lumbosacral 60