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Cosmetics for face and body, Italy, Beauty Spa

   There is such view that cosmetics of intramural care you can buy in any perfume shop. And it is true. However, you must know this information.

It is impossible to foreknow what kind of the active ingredients can cause allergic reactions in one buyer and not cause in the other buyer. That`s why cosmetics and perfumery that are sold in the shops has not right to be full in useful therapeutic components. Cosmeceuticals refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and it is more richer in useful therapeutic components. But it is not authorized to sell without a prescription pharmacy. And only beauty salons are allowed to offer their customers a professional cosmetics and perfumery. And every person has an opportunity to consult with a specialist. The specialist can say what cosmetics and perfumery you can use without detriment to health and with maximum usefulness. Because the effectiveness of the cosmetics depends of the concentration of the active components.  The choice is yours: to get a nice harmless packages or really effective cosmetics of intramural care after consulting of specialist.

Showcase of intramural care funds in beauty salon Winter cherry

Hair shampoos. France , Ducastel    

1.     Active serum of anti-aging action

2.     Cosmetic cream base

3.     Vitamin moisturizing cream for all skin types

4.     Alpine dew cream

6.     Regenerating night cream

Spa cream for feet CUCCIO naturel, USA

 Spa cream for feet CUCCIO naturel Spa cream for feet CUCCIO naturel Spa cream for feet CUCCIO naturel


CUCCIO natural SPA cream for feet, USA

SPA care for your hands and feet creates:

1.     Relaxing atmosphere, rich natural flavors

2.     Cleanses and tones skin of your hands and feet.

3.     Intensively regenerates and moisturizes.

   SPA care Cuccio natural includes:

Tuscan citrus – rejuvenates and nourishes by the energy due to vitamin E.
Pomegranate and fig – slows the aging of skin due to the antioxidants of

pomegranate and fig tree. Papaya and guava nectar. Papaya fruit enzymes

contribute to the regeneration of skin, heal the skin. Guava make perfect

skin tone and improves texture. Milk and honey nourish the skin with

moisture, make it young and healthy.

Bio-Plant hair shampoos

Bio – Plant for the treatment of hair, Italy

Bio – Plant products are used after hair damaged by strong bleaching,

strong perming and for weakened hair in general. Shampoo, conditioner

and mask include panthenol, ginger extract, wheat germ oil, burdock.

Reconstructing CARE shampoo thickens the hair, increasing their total weight.  

1. For greasy hair shampoo nourishes and gives shine to hair ,

1000 ml, 300 ml.

2. Stimulate hair growth shampoo, working on the hair follicle ,

1000 ml , 300 ml.

 Anti-dandruff shampoo helps to recover from dandruff,

1000 ml , 300 ml.

Anti hair loss shampoo helps to recover even hair damaged after bad perming ,

1000 ml - 580 grn, 300 ml - 330 grn.

Every day shampoo gently cleanses, thanks to the use of natural charcoal ,

1000 ml , 300 ml.

Conditioner that restores the hair structure , 1000 ml , 300 ml.


  Bio-Plant hair shampoos

 Bio-Plant hair mask 

Bio-Plant hair mask heals inside structure of hair, 500 ml.  

Ducastel cosmetics for hair, France

Deep reconstruction and treatment is in the process of professional special care.

The result is a healthy and thickening hair.   

 Ducastel cosmetics for hair, France

  Earrings for piersing in Kiev 

Beauty salon Winter cherry has collection of earrings for ear piercing from the special surgical steel that helps quick healing.

We have earrings for different parts of bodi.

Medical earrings to buy Medical earrings to buy

Piercing service in beauty salon Winter cherry.


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