Svetlana Aivazova (18.10.2012):
I visited "Winter Cherry" Salon a few days ago. I want to say at once I will praise the salon!!! "Winter Cherry" is LUXURY salon for business women. Here you can find everything that helps you to become irresistible lady in a short time. I live in Almaty. And I came to Kiev to the exhibition. And I had to become beautiful in a short time before the grand opening of the exhibition. I am very meticulous person and I have critical attitude to beauty salons and masters who work there. My friend advised me to visit 'Winter Cherry" beauty salon. So I decided to visit it. I made such services there as: manicure, facial massage and cosmetology, hairstyle. Masters are real professionals, their hands are light and gentle, their faces are kind and friendly. You can feel a great attention and friendly treatment at once. Salon administrator proposes you a cup of coffee or tea and introduces you with a master. The atmosphere is very calm and pleasant. All rooms are located so that the client can feel comfortable him/herself, and can relax. Firstly master has made a manicure very fast and quality. Then I visited cosmetology room. After the procedure, all girls in the hall were shocked when they saw a result. My face became very fresh, youth and beauty. I can not be without make-up but after this procedure I decided not "spoil" my face. And after masterly work of the hairdresser I was completely shocked when I saw myself in the mirror. I have not felt myself so beautiful woman for a long time. And I have never seen so quickly and professional masters. Administrator - Marina, manicure master – Irina, cosmetologist – Irina, hairdresser – Olga are those girls who helped me to become beautiful. THANK YOU so much! Now I am one more regular customer in your salon. And I know to what beauty salon I will go next time when I come to Kiev. Special thanks to Nataliya Shumanskaya – the director of "Winter Cherry" beauty salon – for such wonderful salon and lovely staff.

Nimet (16.10.2012):
I made a pedicure in this salon. I rest and enjoy.

Olya (19.07.2012):
I want to make hair perming. But I am worry is it very bad for my hair? And how long can I wear it?

Hairdresser Ira (19.07.2012):
We use products of a famous French brand Ducastel. You can wear it from two till six months. It depends from the structure of your hair. After perming your hair need a special care. Hope see you soon in our salon for more detail consultation. Your hair become more volume and you create a romantic image after hair perming.

Mariya Strogonova (19.07.2012):
Hello dears))) I don`t know how to contact with you))) How are you?

Director (19.07.2012):
Hi, Mariya! It is very glad that you remember us. Our salon is developing. One more hairdresser and manicure master. Both work great. Olia is on vacation. We miss you. We need your chirping and carefree laughter. Congratulations to your Mom and a successful conquest of Moscow.

Administrator (23.04.2012):
Vika, yes you can make navel piercing in our salon, using anesthesia. We also have different earrings for navel made of special surgical steel needed for healing.

Vika (23.04.2012):
Can I make navel piercing in your salon?

Anastasiya Turina (02.04.2012):
Very cool beauty salon! Masters make manicure very good!

Grateful customer (27.02.2012):
Service is very quality. And very fast. The staff serves, gives you a cup of tea or coffee at the same time. Very stylish beauty salon.

Juliya O. (28.11.2011):
I like a human attitude to the client. Masters are very qualified. In the salon is created a home atmosphere. I like everything. I will come to your salon every time. Thanks a lot!

Dasha Ermakova (28.11.2011):
All is great. Thank you. Now I am your customer. Dasha.