Face cosmetology in beauty salon

Principles as to cosmetic services in our salon:
1. There is nothing better than golden hands of cosmetologist.
2. The result of cosmetic effect on 50% depends from the skills and hands of specialist,

and on 50% from the quality of cosmetics used in the beauty salon. We select the most

efficient and natural cosmetics.
3. According to testimony the type of skin we used hardware cosmetology - US-skraber, etc. .
4. In the cosmetology cabinet of our salon there are all conditions for complete rest.

  Depilation Face cosmetology in beauty salon

 Piling and alginate mask on Poznjaki

 Classical face massage

Face massage

include the complex of purifying and supplying funds, as well as a face mask. Cosmetologist selects the cosmetics and a face massage based on skin type and its problem.

In beauty salon Winter Cherry is used care for the young and aged skin.

 The experts of our cosmetology cabinet possess the following techniques of massage:
- Classical face massage;
- Jacquet massage;
- Lymphatic drainage face massage;
- Plastic face massage.

Face cleaning

- mechanical, hardware, combination – have always used the therapeutic preparations aimed on a profound decision of the problem.

There are a lot of different cosmetic anti-aging programes - lifting, relaxation, and others offered by our experts, based on the client's skin.

Depilation has be done once a month and don`t recommened to sunbathe to and after depilation.

Paraffinotherapy — moistening and

deep cleaning of the skin

Paraffinotherapy in cosmetology 

   Эффективный метод терапии и омоложения — 


. Качественные

средства и умелые руки мастеров — прекрасный результат. Испытайте на себе

чудодейственный эффект парафина!

   Принципы, которые положены в основу paraffinotherapy, гарантируют

непревзойденное очищение и увлажнение кожи.

Same – day service

In beauty salon of business class often served businessmen and businesswomen.

They are very busy that`s why they are ready to do all procedures at the same time. So we provide the following services:
- face massage and manicure;
- hand paraffintherapy and face paraffintherapy;
- cosmetologital care + pedicure;
- hair coloring + manicure;
- manicure + pedicure.

This is all possible thanks to special training and special equipment of cabinets

Come hear, pleas. Bell 575 10 35, 095 924 86 53

Face cosmetology Price
Rejuvenation treatments
Silk Аnti-age care with hand massage 350
Rejuvenating Care Lux-lift with hand massage 350
Rejuvenating Care Magic Lotus with hand massage 350
Fortifying Аnti-age care Bio-Matrix with hand massage 350
Special care
Chemical AHA peelings for all skin types 240
Almond peelings for all skin types  290
The pre-holiday express care Instant Beauty for all types of skin 230
Nourishing and damping
Nourishing Care Olive complex for all types of skin+hand massage 250
Regenerative care Royal Jelly for sensitive skin+hand massage 250
Regenerative care Perfect complexion for all types of skin+hand massage 250
Care Tender Age for young skin prone to dryness and dehydration+hand massage 240
Care Aloe Complex for all skin types 240
Matting saturated with moisture care Aqua Purity for combination and oily skin+hand massage 250
Hydrating Care Drops of Dew for young skin+hand massage 260
Complex mechanical cleaning of the face+ mask 360
Complex US-cleaning of the face+ mask 360
Complex combined cleaning - US with mechanical+mask 415
D’Arsonval to face 100
Healing care Biozone Botanica for problem skin with postacne 230
Polishing care Ozon Light for porous skin 265
Treatments around the eyes
Humidification relax, from 20 to 30 years old 3240
Anti-wrinkle lifting for mature skin from 30 years old 360
Back cleansing/peeling of the back 200-440/470