Depilation wax

   Лучшая профессиональная косметика для восковой депиляции используется

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 Depilation wax 

и Danila. Depilation wax

Depilation wax

Thanks to wax depilation your skin will be silky and smooth.

Depilation wax

This service consists of preparatory treatment of the skin with the help of skin lotion,

applying the heated wax, hair removing with wax, skin treatments with moisturizing lotion –

it helps skin renewal and slow hair growth.

Depilation is done on different parts of body:
- depilation on the face;
- depilation on the hands and feet;
- depilation of bikini.
has be done once a month and don`t recommened to sunbathe to and after depilation.

Depilation on different parts of body we make with different wax - applying the heated wax,

but depilation of bikini (partial and deep) make onlay wax Holliwud.

Шугаринг - сахарная депиляция

Ouffen clients asks about lazer depilation, but thay can knaw follow:
     Wax depilation:
- Disappiad hairs of different coler and thik;

- Slow growthing of hairs;

- Ollwase make resultes;

- Good for eny tipe jf sceen;

- Stimuel the process of hairs thikker;

Don`t recommened to sunbathe to and after wax depilation duarind 2-3 dais, but 2-3 weeks.

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There ear bizinessmen and bizinesswomen in beauty salon. They want to lust a feu time on thear servis.

We propose for them in this situation wto procedures at the same time. Thies servic complekts:

- face massage + manicure;
- hand paraffintherapy + face paraffintherapy;
- cosmetological care + pedicure;
- hair coloring + manicure;
- manicure + pedicure.

This is all possible thanks to special training and special equipment of cabinets. Depilation wax

Depilation Price
Hands w./m. 120/140
Armpits w./m 80/110
Above the elbow w./m. 75/95
Below the elbow w./m. 65/75
Legs w./m. 190/220
Above the knee w./m. 110/220
Below the knee w./m. 100/140
Labrum 55
Bikini partial w. 160
Bikini deep w. 260








Come hear, pleas. Bell 575 10 35, 095 924 86 53