False nails

False nails

False nails:
- gel;
- acrylic (without smell);
- biogel;
- gel, french polish;
- acrylic, french polish;
- biogel, french polish

  Гелевое наращивание ногтей

   Это самае красивая и самая практичная процедура для ногтей. С помощью искусственных

ногтей и геля ногти удлиняются до желаемой длины.

False nails

Потом их покрывают гелем понравившегося оттенка


False nails
False nails

Acrylic false nails give an opportunity for the most fantastic variants for painting. However, its main drawback is a rather unpleasant and sometimes causing allergies odors. In our beauty salon, Winter Cherry, we use acrylic without smell only.

The pride of our beauty salon - is biogel false nails and biogel firming. Unlike simple gel - biogel false nails and firming the nails has several advantages:

- Flexibility, it is easier than with gel nails to do any work, even with very long nails;
- High viscosity of the material results in less breakage of nails and they are not traumatic;
- The final gel creates extraordinary glittering and looks much better of any nail polish;
- Nails as a result have a thin edge and a natural look;
- Calcium, which serves a natural hardener, also feeds the nail plate;
- For removing biogel nails use special solvent, but not mechanically remove the foundation by nail file,as when we do gel false nails

False nails Price
Gel 395
Biogel 415
Gel, french 350
Shellak 160
Biogel, french 290
Correction of false nails
Gel 285
Biogel 130
Gel, french 305
Biogel, french 220
Repairing of the nail, price for one nail 60
Firming the nail plate
Biogel 200
Biogel, french 250
Correction of the firming the nail plate
Biogel 120
Biogel, french 160
Removal of the false nails 125
Coating the finish-gel 60

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