Professional makeup,

services of visage

Professional make-up, making the shape of eyebrows and colouring

eyebrows and eyelashes with high-quality means, held masters

of concerned education and artistic taste.

wedding and evening make-up wedding and evening make-up

wedding and evening make-up wedding and evening make-up 

wedding and evening make-up о wedding and evening make-up 

Test wedding and evening make-up

Test wedding and evening make-up is needing very professional visage.

At the day of celebration you will a feu of time. about this you

together with your master must to think befor this. You can oder test

make-up on some days before. This make-up on half of the face.

After that each of us will quite quiet thet rezult will the best. Price by

test make-up on 50% less then base make-up.

Make-up Make-up


Test wedding and evening make-up allways do with Test wedding

and evening hairstilling in the same time.

Often we open oua salon very earlay if client is needing with it.

wedding and evening make-up

You  can get discaunt 20% on make-up if you oder complex

hairstilling with make-up.


Extension the eyelashes

Beauty salon Winter Cherry was able to purchase Japanese

hypoallergenic mean for removing the false lashes on the natural

oils. Now this process will be done like clorkwork

. Extension the eyelashes On photo -

the result of extention the eyelashes Natural effect that was done one

minutes ago. You can choose more longer and more thick eyelashes as

Doll s effect or Cleopatra.

Extension the eyelashes On photo –

use the lashes done from the natural mink hair.

Making the shape of eyebrows and

coloring eyebrows and eyelashes

Masters cosmetologer, manicurer or vizager make this servis with

high-quality means. Thay users of C:ENKO eyebrows and

eyelashes color, Germany. You togethe with vizager can disside,

wich colour must be your eyebrows. We have gray, blak and broun

colour. It is depending from your emage, colour of your hear and laws

of colouration. 

      On foto - process of extension eyelashes.

Exluziv eyelashes  make effekt of coloring eyelashes.

Extension the eyelashes

Extension the eyelashes

For doll's-effect and 3D-lashes

of extension eyelashes.

 Extension the eyelashes 

Eyelash perming

Lashe perm

 Lashe perm

Lashe perm  Lashe perm

Lashe perm

Lashe perm may be keep duaring 2 monthes.

           False eyelashes off

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Visage Price
Removal the make-up 230
Express make-up 190
Day make-up 350
Business make-up 360
Evening make-up 395
Wedding make-up From 375
Test wedding make-up 185
Extension the eyelashes by bundles/for 1 day 10/1 bundle
False eyelashes 160, 1 pair
Making crystals 10, the one
Making the shape of eyebrows correction 50/100
Coloring the eyelashes 40
Eyelash perming 290


False eyelashes by one Price
In the corners of your eyes 200
After 3 400
Natural effect 675
Doll's effect 740
Cleopatra 790
Correction of the false eyelashes
Correction of the eyelashes 350-420
Correction the eyelashes in the corner of your eyes 215
Removal of the eyelashes 125-170