Body massage in beauty salon


Body massage Body massage


Body massage

Vacuum-rolly massage

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Vacuum-rolly massage

4. Vacuum-rolly massage   = elastic bodyупругое 

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Classic (back neck) massage Classic (back neck) massage

Classic back neck massage

  Classic back neck massage

In our beauty salon body massage consists of a health-building massage and cosmetic massage.

Health-building massage helds massagist with the medical education and includes:
- Classic back neck massage;
- General thorax, abdomen, legs, hands massage.

  Cosmetic massage is used in a program of mud wraps, anti-cellulite massage and it is hold by cosmetologist - aesthetists with medical education.
Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils of Egypt and other healing natural oils. As a result, of all massages person is transformed and becomes younger.

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Cosmetology of the body Price
Anti-cellulite massage 30/60 min 165/250
Anti-cellulite mud body wrap 1,5 h + masssage 20 min 350+120
SPA-relax an orange in choclate+massage 470+120
SPA-relax Fruit velnes+massage 470+120
Hand masssage 40
Vacuum-rolly massage 30 min/60 min  210/350


Come hear, pleas. Bell 575 10 35, 095 924 86 53

Body massage Price
Classic massage (back neck)
30 min. 150
60 min. 270
30 min. 210
60 min. 350
Total massage (thorax, abdomen, legs, arms)  
1,5 hours 350
2 hours 450
Honey Anti-cellulite massage modeling
30 min./60 min. 165/250